Rising Stars in Machine Learning

The University of Maryland Center for Machine Learning invites graduate students and postdocs pursuing academic careers in machine learning to apply to its “Rising Stars in ML” program. Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, LGBTQA+ and persons living with disabilities are currently underrepresented in the field of computer science. The goal of this program is to support machine learning researchers from these underrepresented groups as they pursue new scientific discoveries and academic opportunities. Three winners will be selected to present their research as part of our virtual distinguished ML seminar series and will receive an honorarium payment.

For announcements on the Rising Stars in Machine Learning speaker schedule, follow the UMD Center for Machine Learning on twitter, or signup for the center’s email list.

2020 Rising Stars

Diana Cai

Doctoral Student at Princeton University

“Probabilistic Inference Under Model Misspecification”

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Irene Chen

Doctoral Student at Massachusetts Insititute of Technology

“Machine Learning for Equitable Healthcare”

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Mahsa Ghasemi

Doctoral Student at University of Texas Austin

“Efficient Data Processing and Trustworthy Decision Making through Structured Task Representation”

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Nan Rosemary Ke

Doctoral Student at University of Montreal

"From 'What' to 'Why': Towards Causal Deep Networks”

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2019 Rising Stars

Surbhi Goel

Doctoral Student at the University of Texas at Austin

“Provably Efficient Algorithms for Learning Neural Networks”

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Adji Bousso Dieng

Doctoral Student at Columbia University

“Learning with Deep Probabilistic Generative Models”

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Karolina Gintare Dziugaite

Fundamental Research Scientist at Element AI

“PAC-Bayesian Approaches to Understanding Generalization in Deep Learning”

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